It’s a screen printing social!  By that I mean I’ve booked studio time for you, me, and a small group of friends to do some printing. I booked two days, Tuesday November 26 and Monday December 2, both from 6-9:30 pm.  It’s 6 people max per social and at least 5 people are needed each day in order for the social to happen.  If you’re a larger group or would like to request a different day, run it by me and I’ll let you know if it’s possible. 

To reserve a spot, it’s $100 per person.  Here’s how it works:

       Step 1: You come up with a design that you want to print and decide what you’re printing on.  (For example, are you printing a shirt for a Christmas present,

                     some kitchen towels for your Aunt or maybe some holiday cards?)

       Step 2: I’ll help you refine your design beforehand so that that it can be screen printed.

       Step 3: Meet me at the studio and we’ll make the screen and print your artwork.

Your $100 includes:

       1. A donation to the non-profit Vera Project and future access to the screen printing studio during open sessions.  This means that you can do more screen printing in the

            future if you decide you like it.  *AWESOME*

       2. 4 hours of studio time including instruction/guidance and help completing your one-color print project

       3. I’ll process and output your image for print beforehand. Your artwork should fit on an 8.5x11 sheet.

       4. All screen printing supplies, except for the substrate that you would print onto (paper, shirts, cloth, bags, etc, are not included but  I can help you source these items). 

       5. Ink.  You're welcome to pick out your own ink or I will have basic colors available such as black, white, blue, red, green. 

If you have any questions please contact me here.  To reserve a spot for yourself or a group please book directly here no later than Wednesday November 20.

Thanks and see you in the studio.